Through Exploration Find Direction Out

In a world where digital migration has markedly intensified, adventurous brands are seeking more innovative and interesting ways to present their unique ethos and identity. Whether looking at environment, social impact and, crucially, cultural relevance – clarity of broader purpose is more important to consumers than ever.

By adopting proven research experience in multiple disciplines, editor and visual artist Paddy Butler identifies related trends and ideas across cultural, scientific and technological boundaries to help elevate and strenghten individual brand projection. This necessitates a deeper focus on authentic brand philosophy and practice to source and compose ever more dynamically engaging narratives through image and word.
"The Mind Is Infinite" Anaxagoras

The ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras wrote ‘thought moves everything,’ and ‘the mind is infinite.’ These enigmatic musings still have an effect on us today through their strange beauty and forgiving power. They inspire an immediate sense of wonder and hint at the underlying strength of human creative thinking. Physis, or nature, has endowed us with such – the potential to generate unique and beguiling ideas through boundless sense perception and the flowing memory of past experiences.